An excavation of 325,000sqm of test trenches along the 64km route corridor of the N9/N10 Kilcullen to Waterford Scheme – Phase 4: Knocktopher to Powerstown in Co. Kilkenny. A total of 99 archaeological sites were identified through testing and geophysical survey. These sites were subsequently excavated with a substantial team of 380 archaeologists over a 8 month period.

KnocktopherA significant range of archaeological features were recorded including Neolithic settlements, Bronze Age burnt mounds, field systems and burial sites, Iron Age linear earthworks, early medieval settlement and funerary sites; and medieval/ post-medieval industrial and domestic sites. Highlights included a Bronze Age flat cemetery with six ringditches and 15 cremations at Paulstown, an early medieval multi-ditched enclosure with a timber-lined souterrain at Kilree, a multi-phase double penannular ringditch at Knockadrina and a medieval moated site at Kilree. In the townland of Holdenstown a ritual and funerary landscape was identified spanning the transitionary period between the Iron Age and early medieval period.

A monograph describing the excavations is forthcoming and several individual articles have been published.