East Riding of Yorkshire

A major archaeological excavation, in the summer of 2013, along the line of the new Beverley Southern Relief Road, on behalf of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Working closely with WYG, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the construction contractors, Birse Civils, to plan, implement and manage the archaeological works in order to maximise the cost-effectiveness and archaeological quality of the work, while allowing planning applications and construction work to be facilitated to provide for the smooth progress of construction work.

BeverleyThe excavations themselves revealed complex and multiple phases of activity related to late Iron Age and Romano-British occupation. The western end of the site seems to have been the main focus of domestic settlement. Five ring ditches were identified in this area, at least three of which probably represent roundhouses.  After these buildings had fallen out of use a large rectilinear enclosure was laid out over the area, indicating a change in the plan of the settlement; this enclosure may have surrounded a further roundhouse. Significant late Iron Age pottery was retrieved from the ring ditches, some belonging to a late Iron Age ceramic horizon showing ‘Gallo-Belgic’ influence. During the late 3rd or 4th century AD a rectilinear field system was laid out on the eastern part of the site, whilst the central part may have been an area of industrial activity.

The nature of the development meant that public interest in the archaeological results was high, and we were able to draw on our extensive experience of community outreach to provide talks, information and materials for public presentations and site tours.